Best Cordless Chainsaw for Forestry

Chainsaws are machine saws that have several teeth attached to a chain that runs actively along a bar. They have been used to carry out various activities including tree felling, fire suppression, and even to harvest firewood.

When you have a thick forest behind your house and would love to get rid of some of the trees for firewood, getting a cordless chainsaw is very important in case you would be going deeper into the forest and you have no source of electricity. It is also usually very portable and free to handle without the cord attached to it.

We would be taking a look at some of the best cordless chainsaws to purchase when you want to carry out forest activities.

When Selecting your Chainsaw

When buying your cordless chainsaw, there are several characteristics you have to look out for.

  • You should never compromise your safety when getting them. You have to take extra caution to ensure that you don’t get injured by the teeth. Protective gear is of necessity.
  • You should also check the weight of your saw. If it’s too heavy, it may be very uncomfortable when using it.
  • The battery capacity and motor type are additional features you should always pay attention to when purchasing your chainsaw. You must ensure that the battery is long lasting depending on the amount of workload you’re going to be handling.

5 Best Cordless Chainsaws for Forestry

1. Greenworks 16-inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

This chainsaw is one of the best electric chainsaws to consider when thinking of your forest. It has a great battery capacity, efficiency, and excellent performance. It has a lower vibration than other chainsaws which makes it last much longer by reducing wear and tear. It runs very much faster than the others and on very small power.

2. Dewalt DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT

The beauty of this chainsaw is its lightweight. With it being easier to carry, it makes it easier to use. It is also known for its efficiency and very high performance. There’s a low kickback function which is always good when working outdoors.

3. Makita XCU03PT1 Chain saw

This chainsaw is known for its strong battery life. It has two slots for batteries, allowing you to mount 18 or 36 units batteries. The chainsaw also comes with an oiler system and it runs on a brushless motor. It has a Built-in LED and a lock-off lever which makes it safe for use.

4. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Max Lithium-Ion Chainsaw

This chainsaw can be used for various functions besides forestry. The lithium battery gives it extra life and allows you to use it for as long as possible. It also has a tool-free blade tension which allows for easier operation. It is the lightest chainsaw with a weight of only 7.2lbs.


With a lightweight of 18lbs and a battery capacity of 40 volts, this chainsaw is very good for cutting tree branches to gather wood logs.

It also has a built-in sharpening system which ensures that the teeth never go blunt.

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