Is it illegal to cut down a tree in the woods?

Is it illegal to cut down a tree in the woods? This is a question that many ask themselves while thinking of bringing trees down in the woods. Cutting down of trees depends on one’s agenda. People opt to cut down trees due to different reasons. In the current world, people are being discouraged from cutting down trees. Trees and plants in general play a major role in the ecosystem. Plants are the primary source of food to all living creatures. Some people do cut down trees with no main agenda. These are the careless people who don’t look at different factors while cutting down the tree.

Cutting down trees in the woods can be legal if one is granted permission to do so. The forestry body in some countries such as England governs cutting down of trees. People there are not allowed to cut down trees or a tree even if it’s your property before seeking permission. When one has a plan of cutting down the tree(s) he/she should visit the relevant body and request permission. If granted they can proceed into cutting down the tree(s) if not granted and they opt to continue with the plans they are likely to face the law for not adhering to the regulations.
Cutting down of tree(s) matters with one perspective. Some people would wish to cut down a tree so that they can gain more experience. People who have the ambition of becoming loggers one day find cutting down trees as a way of gaining more experience. They get into the woods armed with tools and start bringing down trees. This can be done for a longer period of time and despite this having an adverse effect on nature, they don’t bother as long as they get the needed experience.
Other people find it a hobby cutting down trees. People who are fond of liking weird staffs fall in this category. Although the majority of people in the world find it wrong cutting down of trees, few find it enjoyable. These people prepare tools such as ax and saws and walk into the woods to cut down trees. They do enjoy the sound made by the saws and through this, they cause major deforestation while will affect the ecosystem. A country which has not implemented rules to govern trees may later be affected with deforestation which will later lead to hunger and drought due to lack of rainfall.

Trees can be cut down to create room for more space to carry out different projects. People can opt to bring down trees if they are constructing new structures. Construction of dams is one of the projects that require trees to be cut down. This cannot be termed as wrong since it is a project that will be of benefit. Construction of houses can also demand the tree to be cut down. When a site has been established and trees need to be brought down, there is no other option apart from cutting them down. Cutting down of trees Is ridiculed because trees are the major source of oxygen that animals inhale. Oxygen is very essential for the survival of animals. Trees which are plants break down carbon dioxide and restores more oxygen in the air. By this, cutting down of trees will be termed as illegal since it is of a great advantage than a disadvantage.

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